You can Lose Weight Fast and Safe with Chinese Water Therapy

Did you know that it is possible to lose weight fast and safe with Chinese water therapy. You may or may not know what Chinese water therapy is. However; if you don’t here is a run-down. This type of water therapy is also known as Indian water therapy and simply, water therapy. The idea behind is that you drink a certain amount of water before 12 noon. In ancient China the monks would get up at dawn every day and consume spring water from a copper bucket. You are supposed to drink it relatively quickly, the water is supposed to rush through your system to cleanse your system.

The modern way

Obviously in this day and age not many of us have a spring lake in our backyard. Most of us don’t own a copper pale either. So, in modern times we would boil about 32 oz of water in a kettle or large pan. You would leave it overnight to cool down and wake up and drink it as quickly as you can. It is best to wake up at dawn and take a short walk in the fresh air prior to drinking the water. You will possibly feel a little bit light headed and you will also experience softer bowel movements for the first few weeks.

Does it really work?

Many people who have tried Chinese water therapy have stated that they have felt much more energetic, healthier and more alert. People who have been overweight and professed to have lost weight. It is supposed to cleanse the system of any unwanted toxins, this helps the body to get rid of excess fat faster. Drinking water can only be a good thing anyway, as studies have shown that keeping your body hydrated can help it burn fat 3 percent faster than it would do without the water.

If you do want to lose weight fast and safe with Chinese water therapy you should also embark on a an exercise and healthy diet regime. Exercising will speed up the weight loss process, it will also help you to start losing body fat and  tone and strengthen your muscles.

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