What Are the 3 Main Pillars to the Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is a very popular, albeit controversial, very low calorie diet and Weight Loss Plan which is currently much more popular in England than it is in the United States.  This diet works over time on a tiered system which slowly adds more calories to the diet on a weekly or bi-weekly diet until the individual both loses weight and gets to the point where they can maintain it.  There is a lot of confusion when it comes to this diet plan and hopefully this article will be able to alleviate some of the confusion that seems to come up when talking about the Cambridge Diet plan.

First of all, although this program was originally developed at Cambridge University, whether or not the University actually endorses the eating plan is an altogether different argument.  The first pillar to understanding this diet program is that first and foremost it is for the morbidly obese who are in critical danger from being far too overweight.  This diet is not simply to shed a few pounds or to trim off a little extra: it’s meant for people who need to lose well over 100 pounds in fat.

The second pillar is to understand that the most extreme part of the diet, the opening section that keeps calories down around the 400 a day mark is meant to be very temporary, with it lasting only 2 to 5 weeks depending on the individual and no more.  These calories need to be from specially designed shakes that are packed with nutrients and minerals in order to make up for the calorie deficit.  This section is why many consider this diet a potentially dangerous fad diet.

Finally the third and most  important pillar of this program is to undergo it only with medical supervision from a doctor and trained Cambridge Diet counselors.  Under no condition should someone try and attempt this on their own without help or supervision from a qualified individual.