Weight Watchers New Points New Life!

Most dieters have no doubt joined Weight Watchers (WW) at some point in their lives. It hasn’t been called the most popular weight loss plan in the world for no reason. But Weight Watchers has just unveiled a new program just in time for the new year. Coupled with a phone application to help their members track weight on the go this program may just be the one you’ve been waiting for to help you lose weight quickly and easily!

Still The Weight Watchers You Know  and Love

The reason for Weight Watcher’s success is the encouragement of calorie control (through the counting of points) and a balanced diet. In addition WW also offers support online through a thriving community and in weekly meetings.

What’s Changed

Weight Watchers said in its new launch that it is responding to the changes in dieting over the past 10 years. The new Points Plus program has been developed and tested over 4 years. This is not a modification of the old Points program you may have tried. In fact in meetings with members Weight Watcher leaders are encouraging their members to completely forget everything they knew throw out their points trackers and embrace the entirely new program.

The new Points Plus are focused on more than just Calories, Fat and Cabohydrates now the new points are calculated using Fat, Fiber, Carbohydrates and Protein.  So foods rich in protein and fiber have fewer points while those processed with flour and sugar will cost more points. A very clever and subtle way to nudge members into eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lean proteins while still allowing them the indulgence of treat once in a while.

So WW is counting points differently but their foundation for helping members through support, encouraging exercise, healthy eating and modifying bad habits remains unchanged.

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