Weight Loss Due to Anxiety

Anxiety is a known causative factor for weight loss as it gives negative physical and mental effects on the body and the person’s well-being. An abnormal weight loss in adults may lead to increased infection rates, muscle wasting, and even depression. It is normal that anxiety is the first outcome when it comes to stress response. It is the body’s defense mechanism in order to escape or confront danger, which is on a short term basis. Anxiety will not be any more helpful when it is constant because it may lead to certain physical illnesses or serious medical conditions.

There are times in our lives that we cannot prevent stress. Some of the stress that a person is experiencing may be quite normal, but the constant occurrence of stress in a day to day basis may lead to drastic depression. The most common indicators of depression include irritability, loss of appetite, anxiety and isolation. Weight loss might take place due to anxiety and stress because the person tends to sleep and eat less due to other bothering symptoms of anxiety.

A Person Loses Weight because of Stress

When a person loses weight because of stress, it can be called stress-induced weight loss. There are many reasons why a person is stressed out, and that could bring about unexplained weight loss. Due to some causes of stress, such as job issues, family or home problems, money issues and relationships, the mind and the body is affected. It will result to taking your mind off your healthy eating habits because you usually just don’t feel like eating. This may worsen the symptoms because poor eating habits could actually result to abdominal cramps and discomfort, and it may also cause irritable bowel syndrome. Other health issues like missed menstrual periods, nutritional deficiencies, weakness, and fatigue, among others, are likely to occur.

Even though it is a fact that weight loss is earned for by a lot of people, you have to remember that stress-induced weight loss is not a healthy way to go about it. It is also a fact that all signs and symptoms of stress must not be ignored, including weight loss. As the mind and body cannot adapt and cope up with stress, it could significantly affect the person’s body and welfare, which may then lead to serious complications.

Managing stress and preventing its causes are a the best solutions to prevent stress-induced weight loss from happening. The recommended strategies to deal with stress are to follow the four A’s, namely avoid, alter, accept and adapt. A person must learn to avoid the stressful stimuli, alter the stress as much as possible, accept the things that you cannot change, and then adapt to it by changing your mindset. This way, it will prevent you from having stress-induced weight loss and also give you more control over the troubles that anxiety and stress bring. Some people may think that it’s an excellent chance to lose weight, but just imagine how ghastly it will look if you shed unwanted pounds due to suffering from anxiety. It’s not going to be pretty.