Weight Loss Diets and Food Allergy

It may be that you have tried a number of different weight loss strategies over the years, increased your uptake of exercise and reduced the amount of energy you take in, only to find that although you have tried your utmost, religiously stuck to the diet, that when its over you are back to square one and have seen very little weight loss in return for all your efforts.   If that is the case, it may not be that the weight loss diets you are undertaking are failing you, but that you could have an underlying problem with food intolerance and allergies.   Unless certain food culprits are obvious, manifesting themselves in the body in the form of allergies or rashes, it may be worthwhile trying an elimination diet by using some of the basic exclusion, inclusion food group tips listed below:

Not allowed
Meat: Bacon, sausages, cold meat cuts, all processed meat products.
Fish: Shellfish
Fruit: Any citrus fruit
Dairy products: Full fat cows milk, in the form of yogurt, butter and all margarine.
Drinks: alcohol, Fruit juices, fizzy drinks and any containing caffeine i.e. coffee and tea.
Sugar snacks: Chocolate, white refined carbohydrates, bread, cakes, deserts and sweets.
Cereals: Any wheat products, oats, barley and rye.
Vegetables: potatoes, onions, sweetcorn, aubergine, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Animal protein: Poultry, White fish.
Fruit: Apples, Pears, bananas.
Rice: Millet, tapioca, buckwheat, quinoa.
Milk: Soya milk, cheese, goats, buffalo milk.
Drinks: Herbal teas, water lots of it!

Its important whilst undertaking this kind of exclusion weight loss diet plan, that you are strict about gradually including food over the course of a few days, keep a diary of any foods that maybe giving you any adverse reactions.  If any foods do start to cause a problem stop them for a month and then carry on with the list when symptons stop.  Any diet that is to strict is harmful for your health, so experiment only for a short while over a period of two weeks, any longer term exclusion of major food groups should be done under the guidance of a nutritionist.

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