Want More Energy While Saving Money and Reducing Stress Then Follow These Weight Loss Tips

If you’re like most (I know me), you probably added a few extra pounds during the holiday season while adding a few too many extra credit card receipts.  The following are a few weight loss tips that I have used in the past to give me more energy, save money and help reduce stress.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Be the Last to Start and the Last To Finish

When you are eating-out, don’t start eating until the rest of your party has been served. Then, during the meal, make sure you are the last one to finish, chewing (and enjoying) your food.  Many people over eat because they eat until there plate is empty.  They don’t stop when their body is actually full.  Eating slower helps you to recognize when your body is telling you “I’m done”.  It’s ok if there is still food you haven’t eaten.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Get on the Move

When wanting to save (or earn) some extra money, the greatest money making ideas is not what you need.  You simply need to choose active entertainments over passive ones.

You might not be able to climb Mt. Everest you run across the Sarah desert, but a stroll through the park or even you neighborhood can be done by anyone.  Jot down a list of free active things you can do.  The next time you’re planning on going to the theater or playing video games, choose one of the items on this list instead. Losing weight will be much more simple and you’ll save money in the process.

Weight Loss Tip #3: Plant a Garden: A Great Stress Reducer

Whether outside or indoors, planting a garden is simple, affordable and is a great way to reduce stress in your life.  There is something about connecting (at least somewhat) to nature that helps calm the stormy seas of life.  Gardening will help save on grocery bills, and will help you to eat better too!

Try and see if these simple, yet very impactful weight loss tips can be valuable to you. Some of the tips have several benefits.  If you plant a garden you’ll be forced to be active to take care of it and it will help provide a healthier diet and reduce stress.  Taking a short walk can also provide many of the mentioned benefits. Good luck!

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