The Right Dose and a Sense of Proportion Will Help You Get the Desired Effect of Slimming Tea

A famous physician Paracelsus, who lived as far back as in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, said that all substances are poisons and only the RIGHT dose can make them a medicine. What strange at first sight, but wise words! We eat to live, but gluttony, overeating cause diseases of our organism.

Slimming tea helps the body to get rid of excess weight, but here one also needs to know when to STOP. Slim tea is a drug and if you’ve consumed it uncontrollably and for a long time, it might turn into a poison and harm the organism.

The name “herbal slimming tea” itself says about a plant composition of this product. But of late the modern research has alarmed us. Recently there appeared an evidence that a long use (again, about the sense of proportion) of such long-known and useful herbs as the coltsfoot, thyme, comfrey causes severe diseases, that’s why in some countries their use has been restricted (Germany), and in some (Australia) prohibited at all.

Some slimming teas contain in their composition such plants that don’t just grow in your area, but also that which you may have never heard of, for example: Garcinia Cambogia, Hoodia, Poria, Cassia, Magnolia Bark, Sacred Lotus. The more familiar names are: grapefruit, bitter orange, green tea. However, as it turned out, even the green tea is harmful to people with certain diseases (but, of course, from its small amounts, nothing bad will happen). At the same time, there are effective drugs based on natural toxins (apitoxin, snake venom).

The composition of hoodia slimming tea and some others includes the plant substances that suppress the appetite. Anyhow, it’s unnatural – not to eat and not want to eat. Therefore, when a certain result is achieved, switch over to a low-calorie high-quality natural food. (It mustn’t be allowed that such herbal slim tea is used by young girls who know no measure in their aspiration to lose weight.)

As the products that help to maintain the effect of weight loss, people use fat burning foods. Here it is also important to draw the line, and this line must be not only TOO long, but also not TOO short. Sometimes there are articles on the people who went on after the use of fat burning foods: they “eat” only the solar energy. Even if such people do exist, these are exceptional cases.

One needs to stop in time also in the use of slimming teas with a strong laxative effect. Because it so happens that the intestine becomes accustomed to using laxative slim teas and then it’s lazy to work. For the manufacturers of super slimming tea, 21st century slimming tea and others using senna leaf, it is good, and for you?

Slimming tea, when used properly, will give you the desired results if you treat it not as a beverage, but as a drug. During and after drinking slimming tea, change your way of life (exercise and proper nutrition) for the better, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again.

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