The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Is Not What You Think It Is!

Chances are that you have a big belly because you eat and drink too much and you may be the sedentary type. If you’re in the habit of lying down or reclining right away after eating, you will end up with big belly.

This happens especially if you watch TV after eating or taking your afternoon siesta after lunch. It’s the same thing with sitting down for a long time after eating, you stay beside the table passing time or, after standing up from a meal, you sit down right away. The food will settle in your tummy comfortably and digesting the food will be harder for the digestive tract since the food are lumped together and the stomach and intestines don’t have enough leeway to do the digesting. The longer some foods get digested, the more they turn to become fats. And that won’t help you even if you know the best way to lose belly fat.

Make it a practice to stay awake and for several minutes after eating. The food gets digested better if the digestive tract is not swamped with food while you’re sitting or lying down. The food will get deposited as fats in your tummy and having your belly protruding too much won’t be so much a problem.

There are diet experts who rely too much on the types of food to eat as the most effective way on how to lose weight effectively. This is very true and has been proven to really effective. They burn fats effectively and bring the weight down efficiently. If you’re target is only lose weight and look slim, then it’s alright to do that.

But dieting for some is neither looking for a way to lose belly fat only nor bringing their weight to manageable level as well but for building up stamina and returning the integrity of the muscles besides. They need to integrate workouts or gym practice no matter how mundane they are. Or it just might be exercising the pelvic floor muscles to control incontinence or having a five kilometer walk to build up resistance against illnesses and to improve the cardio-vascular system.

Diet and exercise should go together. You may not have enough time to go to the gym but you can do it during lunch break or while waiting for the next house chore. The daily dozen and some other chair exercises may not be the best way to lose belly fat but they can help prevent it from building up.