Should I Buy The Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

The fact is that the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical trainer sells for about $150. This price is very economical when compared to the value you get from it. For the price, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Putting it together is quite easy, especially for those who like DIY (do it yourself) projects. The satisfaction you get from knowing you constructed your own elliptical trainer is truly great. That is why I opted to assemble mine; a task that took me less than two hours to finish.

What I liked most about assembling this trainer is that everything I needed from the instruction manual to the bolts and screws were all provided in the packaging. So I didn’t have to run around the house to find the essentials.

The only problem I encountered while setting the Sunny elliptical trainer was mounting the tension wire on to its loop. This is no easy task especially when you are holding a 10 lb pole in mid air. This difficulty is simply because the wire is inside a pole. So to make things simple, ask someone to help you when mounting the wire.

Just like other frequently used machines, this elliptical is bond to squeak from time to time. It is during such times that I reach out for the small wretches (which were part of the elliptical’s package) and a quick fastening of the screws solves the problem. I have also discovered that a little lubrication of its moving parts also eliminates the squeaks.

This trainer is quite powerful yet easy to maneuver, because of the little wheels at the front part. What I also like about this trainer, is that it does not occupy too much space, thus allowing me the comfort of exercising in a spacious, easy to breath environment, which I enjoy.

When compared to other elliptical trainers, the Sunny Magnetic elliptical is a bit shorter than the others. Being 5′-9′ this was a problem at first, but once I got used to my elliptical I became comfortable and I now I truly enjoy my exercises.

The only issue I would like to raise about this trainer is that I find the calorie counter to be a bit ineffective, simply because it doesn’t recognize the strain changes. The manufacturers should also consider adding a cup holder to the trainer, so that one does not have to take a break from their exercises to get a drink.

In general, the Sunny Magnetic elliptical has truly transformed my life; especially with my busy work schedule I find it very handy. I can now exercise from the comfort of my home, without having to go far. I would definitely purchase this elliptical again, if anything ever happened to mine.