Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet – Is it an Awesome Diet Plan?

Is it one of the better Awesome Diet Plans?

I have done this diet many times and will give you my personal experience with it, the pros and cons. Of course you are supposed to stay on the diet for life but like all diets it is not that easy. You ask does the Atkins Diet work, the answer is yes it works and works great especially the first time you go on it. I found the second or third time it still works but to a lesser degree I would recommend getting a book on Atkins and read it to explain the 4 steps or phases and how to follow them if you serious about a low-carb diet plan.

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Pros and Cons:

The first time I went on this I thought it was an awesome diet plan as it worked great. I lost weight about 30 pounds, and really felt good I was sleeping better and had more energy. This diet plan is not for everyone and not just for people with medical issues but your body type and how you react to the ketosis can be negative or positive. I was fine however I also recommend taking some supplements after you finish the Induction, you can up your carbs but things like calcium, potassium (bananas have a lot) you are not getting from eating those foods that contain them, I think it is important to get them from vitamins supplements to avoid some muscle cramps. The diet is easy to stay on in the short term as you see a lot of rapid weight loss in a few weeks. The harder part is to stay on it in the long term they call this OWL “ongoing weight loss” which leads to the maintenance phase. I enjoy eating meats, butter, cream, berry fruits and vegetables but in a perfect world you could stay eating like this for life. For me I was travelling a lot the first time I did this diet plan and certain countries I was living in did not have a place to go buy an Atkins bar and low-carb foods when I wanted a good quick snack. Also they did not sell any low-carb beers or breads so I tried to add the good carbohydrates and for the most part I did but slowly I gained some weight back. This is just the way my body reacts to this and everyone will be different Atkins calls this metabolic resistance. So I would do this awesome diet again and lose weight but each time not as much and not as fast as the first time. I am not sure why, and did not like going up and down in weight. They call this the yo-yo affect and the older you are the worst this can be. Well I am back on it again!

The Bottom Line:

Make sure you get a good book on this awesome diet plan and read it as I mentioned, as it is very important to know what you are doing and there is recommended foods with carbohydrates counts in most books on Atkins diet plan. Also there is tons of information on the net for recipes and places to buy low carbohydrate foods in most countries. Is this an Awesome Diet Plan, I answered yes and I think it is good to kick start weight loss and then listen to your body and how you feel. Some people I know used this for a rapid weight loss diet and then switched to another diet like a Mediterranean diet or another low-carb diet. However if you have a body type that it works for why not stay with your Atkins as your Awesome Diet Plans. And of course be smart like every good diet plan you still need to exercise which will help keep the weight off and make you feel better.

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