Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

Weight loss is a topic on every one’s mind.  This post will discuss apple cider vinegar for weight loss.  I have read about apple cider vinegar in many books and magazines with regards to it’s affects on weight loss.  One of my best friend’s father actually used this method of drinking apple cider vinegar for his weight loss.  So in this post I’m going to discuss how this is acheived and the research that I have found on on apple cider vinegar weight loss.

The first thing that should be noted when using natural apple cider vinegar for weight loss is that the vinegar should be made from the double fermentation process of whole apples.  It should not be distilled, pasteurized, or filtered.  This process actually gets rid of alot of the great vitamins found in apple cider vinegar.  These nutrients and enzymes are the health and weightloss benefits that we are looking for and should not be destroyed.  Most health food stores should carry this form of apple cider vinegar.  One way to know if it has not been taken through the filtering process is that the vinegar will have a kind of murky look to it.  You do not want your vinegar to be clear.  The recommended amount of  apple cider vinegar for weightloss is one to two teaspoons before each meal.  You can take this straight, with a glass of water or with a couple of teaspoons of raw honey.

It is believed that the nutrients and enzymes in the apple cider vinegar help to supress appetite and speed up metabolism.  Weight loss in studies showed an average of 2-4 pounds lost in a month.  This isn’t huge, but just imagine, you are using a natural product and not doing anything else except drinking the apple cider vinegar.  This certainly seems worth a try at least!  There are of course other things that you can do to speed up the process of  the apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits.  You can get your regular daily exercise, eat natural whole foods including lots of fruits and vegetables, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.  I will say, after doing some research on apple cider vinegar weight loss, I am sure that this is something that I will add to my daily routine.  It’s easy and can only be good for my health.  I will be posting more articles about apple cider vinegar Weight loss benefit as I try them out for myself and let you know the results!

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