Losing Weight On A Restaurants Plate

It seems like any order at a restaurant these days should be called a platter. Portion sizes have spun out of control. What used to be a normal plateful is now heaping to the ceiling. The worst part about it? It seems that most people can finish these monster size portions without even batting an eye. It almost seems that people expect as much food as possible for their buck. Getting a great deal is fantastic, and everyone loves to get more for their money, but when all you are getting is more calories and more weight gain it really isn’t such a great deal. If you are looking to lose weight and still want to eat out follow these tips to lose belly fat in a restaurant.

1. Ask for special preparation. Most restaurants are willing to work with your order if you would like it prepared in a special way. Asking them to hold the cheese, put the dressing on the side, steam instead of cooking with butter, or even grill instead of fry isn’t too much trouble for them and saves you a ton of calories.

2. Go crazy with the veggies and the protein. Try to make the focus of your meal fat burning foods. Go easy on the carbohydrates, and you will avoid a lot of the items that are chalked full of fat such as cheesy pastas, hamburger buns, and desserts galore.

3. Opt out on the appetizers. Whether it’s a free basket of bread or a bottomless bowl of chips try to steer clear. Making the wise choice to go straight to your meal can save you hundreds of calories.

4. Watch your beverages. Don’t waste a ton of calories on soda or alcohol. If you are trying to slim down and lose weight, use your calories where they really count.

5. Knowledge is power. If you know what the menu is for your eating location, take the time to find the best meal options before you go. That way you won’t be found making starving decisions with your stomach instead of your head once you arrive.