Losing Belly Fat 101

When it comes to losing weight there seems to be no end to the advice you can get from well meaning friends and relatives, however, the most effective and best way to learn how to lose belly fat is by doing some research of your own. There are many fad diets and worthless diet programs all promising amazing results and many people want to believe that losing weight can really be as simple as these programs claim, but the reality is, most of these programs will do more harm than good when it comes to finally realizing your weight loss goals.

If you are looking for the best way to lose belly fat and you want to take it off for good, then you will need to understand that something needs to change. If you are currently overweight, there is a reason you are carrying these extra pounds. This is not to be harsh, but it is important to realize where the problem lies if you want to make an effective change.

One very effective thing that can be immensely helpful is to begin a journal or food diary and track every single bite you take over the next several days. You need to be diligent and accurately record every little snack, nibble, taste and bite; this can be a huge eye-opener and learning experience. Many people greatly underestimate how much they eat.

If at all possible, get a quality food scale, preferably digital and begin to weigh portion sizes. Measure and weigh out your food, eating as you normally would, but keeping an accurate measure of quantities. Chances are what you consider a serving is much larger than what an actual serving should be.

After several days of charting your food intake, sit down and spend some time evaluating what you have learned. This is where you will be able to find some very quick and easy changes that you can make immediately and that will have dramatic and long-term effects on your future weight loss success.

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