Lose Weight with Simple Changes

Losing weight it difficult for many reasons. You have to find a diet that works and that you can stick to. You have to stick with it for a long time until you’ve lost the weight, and you have to maintain the weight. Many people quit soon after starting because they find it to be too hard to stick to the weight loss plan they’ve made for themselves. That is probably the biggest downfall on most Weight Loss Plan. It’s like going cold turkey to quit smoking. It’s a lot harder.

One of the best weight loss tips you can follow to make sure you stick with your plan is to make simple and small changes. Eventually, you might want to get to a point where you eat lots of vegetables, sugar only on a rare occasion, and small portion sizes. You might have a goal to be able to run a mile in 10 minutes, but you’re not going to do it from the start if you’ve spent the last 5 years sitting on the couch and your 50 pounds overweight. You shouldn’t do that with your weight loss plan either.

Start with small changes. First, cut out sweets except for dessert once or twice a week. If you didn’t eat many sweets beforehand, cutting out sweets entirely might be a small step for you. The size of the step will depend on where you’re starting. If you want to eat low carb, start by cutting out starches and pasta for breakfast and lunch, but enjoy them at dinner.

If you hate vegetable, don’t start eating 3 cups of spinach everyday. Instead, mix it into a salad for lunch. You can work up to more spinach. If you ate no vegetables before, start including a vegetable with your dinner every night.

Make lots of small changes, but build them further as you go on. If you cut back to sweets once a day, when that get’s easier, cut it back to 3 times a week, then twice a week, then once a week. Baby steps really are a great way to get where you need to be.