Lose Weight In A Week: Body Composition Exposed

What makes a person look good? If you think it is how much they weigh, than you are sadly mistaken. I recently injured myself and lost ten pounds in a few weeks. In those few weeks I lost a lot of muscle, gained fat, and weighed much less. Everyone asked if I had gained weight; it was the exact opposite. I had lost weight, but gained fat and lost muscle. Weight is not the important thing to worry about, it is body composition, which is your ratio of fat to muscle. In this article I will talk about why you should worry about body composition rather than Weight Loss .

When I first got interested in losing weight and quick weight loss tips, I worked really hard and was just like you. I lost seventy pounds in six months, but at the end, weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds, I look far from good. I just looked like a smaller version of myself. I could see my muscles and ribs, but they were nothing worth looking at. Who likes staring at anorexics? Not me.

What I did not realize was that body composition determines looks far more than weight. I am now an advanced powerlifter and my students think I weigh sixty to seventy percent of my actual weight because, as you know, muscle weighs more than fat.

Your goal then, is not to lose weight in a week, but to lose fat. There two strategies that work for this extremely well; food substitution and complex movements with heavy weights (weight training). If you improve your body composition, you may actually gain weight and look better (as will be the case when I recover from my injury). If you gradually substitute good foods for bad ones, you will consume fewer calories and give your body somethting that it can absorb better. If you also get sufficient protein at regular intervals, coupled with heavy weight training, you will maintain or increase muscle along with your fat loss.

Weight is not the enemy; it is your body composition. Fat is not the enemy, it is the amount of fat you have in relation to your muscle. And females, do not fear. If you work with the heaviest weights you can handle for the rest of your life, you will never look like a female bodybuilder in the magazines. They use large amounts of testosterone and other compounds for hormone manipulation to achieve those levels of musclularity and you cannot even come close through natural lifting and diet. Instead, you will look “toned” because you will actually have a little strength where nothing but fat used to reside.

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