Breakfast on the Slow Carb Diet looking at a Familiar Meal Differently

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you are trying to lose weight or not.  The word literally means to break your fast – you fast whilst you sleep, and your metabolism slows down whilst your body rests and repairs.  Your core temperature drops, and energy is conserved.

Eating when you rise snaps your system out of this downshift, and reminds it that nutrition is available and it can burn energy generously instead of saving it.  Your body’s way of saving energy is laying down fat stores, remember – it is only in very recent generations that those in wealthy parts of the world have continually abundant food, we’re evolved to conserve.  So no wonder that research demonstrates, over and over,  people who skip breakfast are less successful at losing weight.  Their bodies are left in fasting mode for longer, every day!

It’s not just the metabolic factors at play, if you don’t eat first thing you are likely to be hungrier later on, and overeat at lunch and dinner.  Eating regular smaller meals is another consistent weight loss dieting truism that has been proven repeatedly in different programs.  Hunger is a vital survival mechanism for a species evolved to hunt and gather… we just haven’t evolved to cope well with a full refrigerator, 24 shopping and dining, and no need to run down our meals with a spear.

Many people find breakfast a real challenge on the slow carb diet however, because a lot of the traditional options are out – bread, cereal and fruit are all off-limits.  We are culturally accustomed to thinking that breakfast is a uniquely different meal, even if we cheerfully interchange lunch and dinner options.  But breakfast is particularly important in slow-carbing, to smooth out the metabolic response throughout the day, and indeed in the Four Hour Body case studies best results were found when a high-protein breakfast was consumed within half an hour of waking.

It’s just a question of changing a habit, and broadening the range of options we traditionally think of as suitable for the first meal of the day.  Practicalities are of course important, but most of them can be circumvented by a bit of forward planning… if you have no time in the morning, make sure you have some ready boiled eggs in the fridge, or prepare a green loaf at the weekend to enjoy through the week.  Then all you have to do is open a can of beans, and you are good to go!  Primed for the most successful weight loss and fat loss the slow-carb diet can help you achieve… good luck with your body recomposition goals.

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