3 Things You Should Know About The Lemon Juice Diet

losing weight is such a challenging for many people which is why some would resort to unhealthy and dangerous methods in order to gain results. In recent years, however, there have been numerous weight loss methods introduced which are not only effective but infinitely safer than any shortcut there is.

The lemon juice diet is among the most popular detox and weight reduction diet today primarily because of its supposedly very impressive effects. If you are raring to try this diet, you might as well know what to expect and you would go about the process. Here are 5 facts about the lemon juice diet you must be aware of. Consider these weight loss tips:

It is an all natural cleansing diet

What set this juice fest among all others is that it uses only natural ingredients that cleanse the liver, small and large intestines, and colon. While most people concentrate on counting the calories they consume on a daily basis, they fail to recognize the importance of a healthy digestive system. The acidic juice from the lemon acts on the liver and induces the expulsion of harmful toxins that interfere with digestive processes.

The detox period should take no longer than 10 days

While this is generally categorized as a diet, it is not one that you can use for extended periods. 10 days is sufficient but any longer than that can be a little dangerous. While you are in detox mode, you will not be allowed to eat anything other than what is listed on the program which means your body is working overtime in order to fuel the system for everyday activities. After 10 days, you should start eating regular foods or at least go back to a recommended meal plan that includes calorie restriction.

You can lose as much as 15 pounds after detoxing

Lemon juice diet aims to clean up your digestive tract so that it can function at an optimal level. Once this is achieved, your body will start shedding excess weight which is mostly unprocessed fat. You would notice it because of the lighter feeling around your stomach area after 7-10 days of the cleansing diet.

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